Toner & Pigmented Aerosols


No Overspray Halos

Choose from over 86 toner colors.  Custom color matches available! 
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Master's Magic Aerosol Toners feature a unique blend of solvent with special toners for mild color adjustments to small areas.  These easy-to-use toners shade and blend blotched or uneven finishes - or even sap lines - with just a few light sprays.

With Master's Magic Toners, you can touch-up an interior wood finish with confidence.  No other toners on the market offer these advantages:

  • Excellent Sprayout
  • Great Adhesion
  • No Overspray Halos
  • Fast Dry
  • 13 oz. Fill

Shading Toner

Aerosol Toner with specially designed spray valve.  Available in 57 basic colors for quick, efficient evening and blending of lighter areas, darkening white edges and correcting flaws without the fear of an overspray line.  Adapts to various methods for blending in spot repairs.  Designed to be used over a clear finish.  A clear top coat is also recommended for durability and sheen adjustment.

Product Codes
For product codes and color samples, please click below.

Shadow Shading Toner

Finally!  A shader that gives a light shadow over your repair work without that "painted look"!  For years, finishers have tried to give their touch-ups a final blending brush stroke, only to ruin it all by making it too dark.  Now this transparent shadow shader, in all the right colors, allows you to put back that missing shadow perfectly and easily every time.

Product Codes
LA2000   Black Shadow

Pigmented Lacquers

This product is designed to be used for color changes and color adjustments. This unique blend of solvents and nitrocellulose lacquer allows a smooth and level finish. Pigmented Lacquers are designed to provide maximum hiding.

Product Codes
LA183     Satin White
LA189     Gloss White
LA186     Antique White
LA187     Flat White
LA204     White Primer
LA188     Gloss Black
LA184     Satin Black
LA185     Flat Black
LA829     Black Primer
LA2009   Hunter Green
LA3004   C.C. Almond